Mittwoch, 12. August 2015


I put my trust in you. It was so unbelievable!
You said that you know everything about me...!
But that is totally wrong.
You?! You only know the negative part. This meant not everything about me.
What a fool!
Why do you have this personality?
You take the freedom to say things which hurt really bad.
They hurt.
They destroy.
They make me angry.
YOU made ME angry.
And what did I do? Yes! I put my trust in you.
And what did you do? You've abused it.
What a fool I was.
Why did I do this?
I should have already finished this when you hurt me the first time.
You upset me.
However, with your aching words you made me stronger!
And I am not the person who has got a problem.

One year ago you were so nice.
And by the time I got to know the other side of you.
And my mind about you has changed.
You've opened my eyes.
And the reason why I did this?
You've enchanted me with your aura.
The beautiful-looking aura with its black soul.

Ein Text, den ich vor langer Zeit verfasst habe und nun mal veröffentliche :p
Bis dahin

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